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Non-slip Floor Coatings

Let's talk about non-slip floor coatings.

All over the world, safety is a top priority for business owners with slips, trips and falls cases costing an estimated $4 billion annually. When considering a floor coating for your premises, it may be necessary to use a ready mix non-slip coating of a seed in floor system to ensure you are meeting Australian Standards.

non-slip floor coatings

Prior to applying a non-slip coating, a floor coatings contractor should consult with the premises owner to determine a number of factors:

  • Is the surface in a wet area?

  • Is the surface flat, sloped and are there ramps?

  • Will the floor have forklift traffic?

  • What is the area to be used for?

  • Which P rating is applicable for the area?


With a variety of additives and products on the market, it is important to understand the different options for obtaining a non-slip surface. A test patch sample may be required to determine that the proper degree of non-slip has been achieved, otherwise companies such as Ecoshield, can equip you with the product and system you need to achieve a specific slip rating. Ultimately, the only way to confirm you have the correct P rating is with a wet slip resistance test performed by a NATA accredited company.

Below are two systems that you can use to achieve a slip resistant finish:

  1. Broadcast / seed in method: Our Eco Epoxy Shield and Eco Sparta Shield (Polyaspartic) are both great products for this application. Some common particulates used for broadcasting include sand, aluminum oxide and crushed glass. Generally, the contractor will roll out the floor coating, then come back within a few minutes and broadcast the particulate into the wet coating. Then, back roll the particulate into the coating. Once the coating has dried, it is import to sweep up the excess particulate. A finish coat of Eco Epoxy Shield, Eco Sparta Shield (Polyaspartic) or Carbon Coat (Polycarbonate) with 2-pack additive Diamond Link Hardener can be applied to help increase abrasion and impact resistance.

  2. Ready to roll non-slip coating: Our Eco Sports Shield is a ready to use, easy to apply non-slip coating. It comes pre-tinted and available as a single pack or 2-pack. Once the floor has been primed with Eco Bond, the surface is ready to be coated, mix the product thoroughly, pour and roll. Use a 20mm lambs wool roller. 2 to 3 coats is recommended. Full cure is 2 days at 25°C or 4 days if the temperature is below 25°C.

Remember, no slip rating can be ensured, you need to engage a professional to perform slip testing to confirm.

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