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Eco Epoxy Shield 100% solids epoxy floor paint

Eco Epoxy Shield is a premium 2-component epoxy that is yellowing resistant. Eco Epoxy Shield is 100% solids (no volatile solvents) and contains ZERO fillers or extenders so, it is a pure epoxy resin designed for use on concrete or otherwise rigid substrates.


Eco Epoxy Shield has very high adhesion to most surfaces coupled with high gloss and film build with good wear resistance which makes for aesthetically pleasing functional heavy-duty coated surfaces.


  • Decorative flake system base coat (when pigmented) and build coat.
  • Art décor floor surface for residential and commercial
  • Factory floors
  • Retail stores
  • Automotive showrooms
  • Binder for non-slip particulate surfaces
  • Laboratories



  • High film build from 100% solids, wet film thickness equals dry film thickness
  • High transparency and film clarity
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use (pigmented or filled for exterior)
  • Adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces
  • Good chemical resistance (see following table)
  • Water resistant
  • Good durability and wear resistance
  • Simple to mix 2:1 ration of resin to hardener
  • Can be coloured with Eco Epoxy Shield Colour Paste
  • Nominal cure approximately 24 hours at 20°C and 65% RH for 200 micron, 5m² per litre film thickness on glass. For cold temperatures, cure time 48 hours at 10°C. Full hardness development over 7 days
  • Can be overcoated with Carbon Coat or Eco Sparta Shield


One coat will cover approximately 1 - 5 square metres per litre, depending on application tool.

Eco Epoxy Shield (Clear)

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