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  • Where do your products come from?
    We manufacture all of our products in our factory which is located in South Australia. We source the best raw materials on the market to provide you with a high quality product.
  • What floor cleaner do you recommend?
    Our Eco Clean is made of natural citrus oil making is a safe floor cleaner for polished concrete, coated timber floors, epoxy coatings, garages and just about any topical coated floors. The great thing is, not only can it be used as an all round floor cleaner but also a general purpose spray and wipe cleaner for stainless steel, vinyl, benchtops, mirrors etc.
  • What is the best way for me to protect my floor from early wearing?
    Protecting the floor from early wear is as simple as establishing a consistent cleaning routine as recommended in our care instructions. This includes using damp cloths and/or vacuums rather than wet mops, employing the use of rugs, and using plastic or felt discs under furniture to keep the legs from scratching the flooring surface.
  • What can be used to prevent my floor from being scratched?
    Use plastic, foam or felt discs under all furniture legs. These can be purchased at many retail stores, and are designed not only to reduce or prevent scratching, but also to reduce or prevent movement of the furniture all together.
  • Is there a product that can make my floors look new again?
    Yes, absolutely! Eco Polish is ideal for the temporary renewal of all hard surface floors that are looking 'tired' or scuff worn. It is a great option to delay a full resurfacing of the floor to provide that 'as new' look each time it is applied.
  • Are timber floors a good idea with pets?
    While it is true many home owners who have timber flooring in their homes also have pets, this type of flooring can be scratched or dinged by pet claws. A lot also depends on the type of the pets. Obviously, two Great Danes will have a bigger impact on a hardwood floor than a Toy Poodle. If pets will be inside, it is best to ensure that pet claws are kept trimmed.
  • Why should I choose a water-based polycarbonate coating for my timber floor?
    Polycarbonate timber coatings such as Carbon Coat have: * Superior abrasion resistance * Superior clarity * You can use your floors sooner (2 days at 25 degress) * The option to have it applied as a single or 2-pack * Non-toxic and VOC free 2-pack additive to achieve even greater abrasion resistance * Excellent UV resistance * Very good yellowing resistance * Very good scuff resistance * Low odour * No breathing apparatus required to apply
  • What are the benefits of hardwood flooring?
    There are many benefits of hardwood flooring including: an increased home value, variety of options and styles to customise the appearance, several installation methods, easy to clean and maintain, hypo-allergenic, warmth and durability.
  • What is the coverage for Carbon Coat polycarbonate timber coating?
    The spread rate for our polycarbonate timber coating is approximately 8 to 12 square metres per litre.
  • How long before I can walk on my newly coated timber floors?
    After your floor has been sealed it is recommended there is no foot traffic for 24 hours, 72 hours is optimal though. Light foot traffic may be possible after 4-6 hours in drying conditions of 25°C and 50% relative humidity. It is advised that no shoes should be worn on the floor for the first 4-6 hours after drying. Avoid dragging of furniture over the coated surface at all times. We recommend you wait at least 2 days after the coating has been applied to put down any floor mats.
  • Are your timber floor coatings toxic?
    Our Polycarbonate timber coatings emit almost zero toxic odours (VOC's) and are water-based, this makes if much safer to use for the applicator and homeowner. The 2-pack additive is also non-toxic.
  • Why do I need to use a primer under some concrete coatings?
    Concrete Primers seal the surface to ensure the topcoat will adhere much stronger than if it was used alone resulting in a great looking surface that will not blister or peel.
  • What is the coverage for Carbon Coat Polycarbonate concrete coatings?
    The square metre coverage will vary based on your concrete. Usually it is roughly 8 to 12 square metres per litre.
  • Why should I choose a 100% solids epoxy over others available on the market?
    As the name “100% solid” suggests, the epoxy product coating itself does not contain any water or solvents that could evaporate while curing, it will maintain 100% of its thickness, body and shape after cure.
  • Can Polyaspartic be used outside?
    Yes, our polyaspartic coatings are UV stable and are suitable for exterior applications.
  • Is Polyaspartic as durable as epoxy?
    Yes, and then some. Based on testing data, polyaspartic concrete coatings offer abrasion resistant capabilities that far exceed those of typical epoxy systems.
  • What are the benefits of polished concrete?
    Seamless – no grout to be cleaned or replaced Light Reflective – energy saving from natural light reflectivity Hypoallergenic – Polished concrete floors will not support the growth of toxic mold, dirt, pollen or dust mites and therefore is perfect for any sufferers of asthma or other allergies. Hard wearing – Polished Concrete is one of the most hardwearing, durable and long lasting flooring options available Easy cleaning – Save on money and time plus environmentally friendly with no harsh chemicals Design flexibility and aesthetically diverse options – No polished concrete floor is the same, guaranteeing you a one off distinctive floor that works with any décor.
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