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Top Timber Flooring Trends

Timber flooring is always an elegant choice for a home. It’s timeless yet trendy, and if you invest in a higher-quality variant, it can last a lifetime. If you’re looking to renovate your home’s flooring, follow these timber flooring trends to create a beautiful look that will add value to your home.

timber flooring wide planks


The last decade saw an increase in width for flooring trends. The final look of it can make a room feel grand in scale. The reason wide planks are becoming more popular is that it makes the room look much more spacious and opens up opportunities to appreciate natural grain patterns.


For a timeless look, the earth tones will be the best bet. This is one of the more popular colour choices for hardwood this year because of its simplicity and elegance. Adding whitewash to wood grains of a natural earth tone is a great way to introduce more neutral colours. Enhanced colour treatments are typically offered at a higher price tag. However, the final look of it is stunning and can be worth the investment.


Many more manufacturers are adopting eco-conscious and greener options for creating their planks since the demand for environmentally friendly flooring options is rising. Luckily, there are plenty of options! Natural sealants are becoming more common than traditional polyurethane. There are also variants of wood that are quickly renewable such as cork and bamboo.


While many think of eco-friendly as good for the world, consumers are becoming much more informed on the effects of formaldehyde and VOCs in homes. Healthy choices for families with pets and young children are especially important.


Right now, the weather and distressed look aren’t just for clothes–it is a trend for hardwood floors! Some distressed wood techniques are a little “out there”, but don’t let that stray you away from this type of flooring, as it can give a room a total vintage and beachy look to it. Common distressing techniques include saw marks, wire brushing, and lye treatment. Over time, the wood will conceal the damage so that you will end up with a beautifully aged timber flooring.

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