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Carbon Coat polycarbonate satin timber coating

Carbon Coat is a new technology coating made from polycarbonate; the same material used to make bullet proof glass. It is tough, totally UV stable with superior clarity bringing out the natural beauty of resurfaced timber floors.

Carbon Coat provides greater resistance to scratches, scuff marks, water and chemicals than conventional coatings. It’s a single-pack that will perform as good or better than the leading European 2-packs on heavily trafficked timber floors. However, if a 2-pack coating is preferred, we also have a non-toxic, VOC free additive called Diamond Link Hardener which can be added to Carbon Coat.

Carbon Coat has good working time to help minimise application marks and allow the material to flow level and look uniform. It also displays early hardness development with a rapid full cure time floors are back in use much sooner.

Carbon Coat emits almost zero toxic odours (VOC’s) and is water-based, making it safe to use and minimising environmental impact.


Carbon Coat is suitable for interior applications on virtually any commercial species of timber available in Australia.


  • Perfect replacement for outdated toxic 2-pack polyurethane
  • Extremely durable, impact and abrasion resistant for heavy traffic conditions
  • Super flow ability eliminating brush and roller marks
  • UV Stable and non-yellowing maintaining an ultra-clear surface film
  • Fast hardness development allowing floors to be back in service sooner
  • Virtually odourless and environmentally friendly
  • Ready to use from the container and easy to apply


One coat will cover approximately 8 – 12 square metres per litre.

Carbon Coat - Timber

PriceFrom $206.85
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