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Eco Seal Natural invisible penetrating concrete sealer

Eco Seal Natural is an environmentally friendly water-based invisible repellent and sealer for masonry building products to protect against water, oil, food, wine and tannin.


With the growing popularity of polished concrete floors, coloured masonry paving and natural stone pavers there is a requirement to protect the surface from staining without changing the natural appearance or slip resistance of your floor surface.


Eco Seal Natural works by penetrating deep into the substrate and lining the pores with a silicone material that creates a protective barrier that will not change the surface appearance or water vapour permeability of the masonry or concrete.


Eco Seal Natural emits almost zero toxic odours (VOC’s) and is water based, making it safe to use and minimising environmental impact.



Eco Seal Natural is suitable to seal untreated concrete, paving and masonry products including, ceramic and natural stone tiles.


It is ideal for both internal and external use on porous or polished surfaces.



  • Fast beading action for excellent water repellence
  • Longer lasting protection than conventional sealers
  • Efflorescence resistant to protect against spalling and eroding
  • Chemical and water resistant to seal the surface
  • Virtually odourless and friendly to the environment
  • Ready to use from the container, easy to apply and fast drying



One coat will cover approximately 5m² per litre on porous surfaces. Non-porous surfaces will achieve a spread rate of 20m² per litre.

Eco Seal Natural

PriceFrom $111.75
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