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Eco Seal concrete sealer

Eco Seal is an environmentally friendly silica-based co-polymer designed to seal and harden concrete floors with a rich glossy finish. Eco Seal enhances concrete floors with a tough surface layer that protects against staining, eroding and dusting.


Eco Seal is UV stable and non-yellowing. It withstands extreme Australian weather conditions by maintaining great gloss retention, low water sensitivity and reduced water vapour permeability. It will also help to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.


Eco Seal emits zero toxic odours (VOC’s) and is water based, making it safe to use and minimising environmental impact.



Eco Seal is suitable for interior and exterior applications to rejuvenate old and weathered concrete floors or seal and protect concrete floors that have been mechanically ground, smoothed and polished.



  • UV stable with a permanent sheen and excellent weatherability
  • Hardens and densifies increasing abrasion resistance to reduce erosion and dusting
  • Seals to reduce moisture penetration protecting the surface from concrete spalling
  • Water and chemical resistant for protection against water damage and staining
  • Superior resistance to dirt pick up for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Efflorescence resistant to prevent sealer deterioration
  • Virtually odourless and environmentally friendly
  • Ready to use from the container, easy to apply and fast drying



Polished concrete: 20m² per litre

Old concrete: 5m² per litre

Eco Seal

PriceFrom $160.70
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