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Eco Polish floor polish for polished concrete, concrete coatings and timber floors

Eco Polish is an extremely easy to apply, water based metallised acrylic sacrificial coating with intermediate wear resistance properties.


Eco Polish can be used both as a buffable and non-buffable coating that leave a high shine surface.


Eco Polish is designed for commercial premises where a quality surface appearance is required throughout the life of the floor. Eco Polish is ideal for the temporary renewing of all hard surface flooring that is looking ‘tired’ or scuff worn. It will both delay the requirement for a full resurfacing and provide an ‘as new’ look each time it is applied.



  • Can be applied with applicator pad or cotton mop
  • Does not need buffing but can be buffed if required
  • Easy to ‘spot repair’ scratch damage and scuff marks
  • Can be applied over all coated surfaces
  • Can be applied to polished concrete floors



One coat will cover approximately 30 – 40m² per litre.

Eco Polish

PriceFrom $98.15
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