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Eco Densi Shield Lithium densifier for concrete floors and polished concrete

Eco Densi Shield Lithium is a unique environmentally friendly dispersion of nano-sized lithium silicate particles. These small particles penetrate the concrete and react with the soluble calcium compounds to increase the wear resistance and surface strength of concrete floors that have been mechanically ground, smoothed, and polished.

Eco Densi Shield Lithium works effectively to harden, seal, and densify concrete floors. As concrete hydrates, water reacts with cement to form calcium hydroxide and silica, which react to form calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H). C-S-H is the material that bonds the cement with the aggregate in concrete.

The hydration process produces more calcium hydroxide than is used up in this chemical reaction resulting in excess calcium hydroxide. In the hydration process, calcium hydroxide dissolved in water moves to the surface region of a slab and reacts with atmospheric carbon dioxide, producing calcium carbonate also called “free lime.” Over the long term, excess free lime is troublesome because it is a primary cause of micro-pitting.

Liquid hardeners/densifiers provide a remedy by introducing additional silicates which react with the excess calcium hydroxide to form more C-S-H. Additional C-S-H means denser, harder concrete.


Eco Densi Shield Lithium can be used on all cement-based products including concrete, pavers and tiles.



  • Provides greater abrasion resistance to polished concrete floors
  • Eliminates damage from micro-pitting
  • Leaves no staining even when pooling and no need to remove excess product
  • Significantly reduces efflorescence and slab edge dampness
  • Reduces migration of chemicals and other foreign mater through the slab
  • Highly reactive requiring less product to complete a job
  • 100% insoluble so it will never wash away
  • Time effective requiring only 30 seconds for full reaction, no need to leave wet for long periods
  • Odourless, VOC free and friendly to the environment
  • Ready to use from container and easy to apply


One application will cover approximately 5 – 20 square metres per litre.

Eco Densi Shield Lithium

PriceFrom $143.60
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