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Concrete Grinding Lube  for grinding concrete

Concrete Grinding Lube is an innovative lubricant specifically formulated for use with diamond tooling. Concrete Grinding Lube has proven extremely effective to significantly increase cutting speeds and substantially reduce tool wear.


Concrete Grinding Lube is suitable in all diamond cutting applications, including:

  • Concrete Grinding
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Concrete Coring
  • Marble & Granite Grinding
  • Marble & Granite Cutting
  • Marble & Granite Polishing
  • Road & Runway Grooving
  • Brick & Tile Cutting


Greater Cutting Speed
Greater cutting speed means more output per labour hour resulting in work being completed in less time. Tool costs are significantly decreased as tools maintain their cutting edges up to 35% longer.

The benefits of Concrete Grinding Lube increase the effectiveness of your business translating to greater profits.

Environmentally Friendly
Concrete Grinding Lube is environmentally friendly and meets AS 4351 as a readily bio-degradable material.
Concrete Grinding Lube directly increases efficiency leading to further environmental benefits including reduced water and power consumption.

Concrete Grinding Lube

PriceFrom $109.65
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