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Colour Enhance timber floor sealer

Colour Enhance is an environmentally friendly waterborne primer and sealer for untreated timber floors that will enhance the rich colour of timber.

Colour Enhance has good working time to help minimise application marks and allow the material to flow level and look uniform.

Colour Enhance has early hardness development, so it can be sanded or recoated sooner than conventional timber sealers.

Colour Enhance emits almost zero toxic odours (VOC’s) and is water-based, making it safe to use and minimising environmental impact.


Colour Enhance is suitable for interior and exterior applications on virtually any commercial species of timber available in Australia.



  • Enhances rich deep colours from timber floors
  • Superior finish with minimal lap marks
  • Tannin resistant preventing discolouration
  • Reduces potential for edge bonding
  • Virtually odourless and friendly to the environment
  • Ready to use from the container, easy to apply and fast drying


One coat will cover approximately 8 – 12 square metres per litre.

Colour Enhance Timber Seal

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