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2K Super Seal concrete sealer for polished concrete floors

2K Super Seal is a water-based penetrating sealer that is specifically designed to be applied on polished concrete surfaces at the end of the polishing process. It makes the concrete resilient to fats, oils and water without changing the natural appearance or slip resistance of your floor surface.


2K Super Seal works by two different processes:

  1. The lithium particles penetrate the concrete and react with the soluble calcium ccompounds to increase the wear resistanec and surface strength of concrete floors.
  2. Penetrating deep into the substrate and lining the pores with a silicone material that creates a protective barrier.



2K Super Seal is suitable for use on polished concrete floors and/or cementitious building materials.



  • Invisible penetrating sealer that is not topical, therefore will not leave application marks
  • Ability to enhance colour of concrete
  • Extreme stain resistance
  • Fast beading action for excellent water repellence
  • Longer lasting protection than conventional sealers
  • Provides greater abrasion resistance to polished concrete floors
  • Odourless, VOC free and friendly to the environment
  • Ready to use from the container and easy to apply



One coat will cover approximately 25 - 50m² per litre on mechanically polished concrete floors.

2K Super Seal

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